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Emergency Dental Care

Stadium Dental - Emergency Dental Care

Same-Day Dental Emergency Treatment

We understand that dental emergencies never happen at a convenient time, so we try to see all of our emergency patients the same day they call. While we always strive to provide comprehensive care, in an emergency situation our primary aim is to get you comfortable and out of pain; in these cases we may provide palliative treatment to make you comfortable, and then schedule you for a longer appointment where we can render full treatment.

Below is a list of general information about dental emergencies. This information is for educational purposes only and is not designed to replace coming to the dentist:

  • Temporary crown out - even though we use strong cements, it's possible for a dental crown to come out. If your temporary crown comes out, please call us and be sure to bring the crown with you. Do not try to recement the crown with other types of cement. If you are away on vacation and the crown is in an esthetic area, you can go to the drug store and purchase Fixodent (for dentures) and use the material to help hold the crown in until you can come in to the office.
  • Tooth pushed back, forward, in, or down - when a tooth is moved out of its normal position, we call this a "luxation." If you have a tooth that has been moved from its normal position, please call our office immediately. Because the mouth tends to heal very quickly, if a tooth is knocked out of position, it can heal back in the wrong position. Thus, it's important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can try to put the tooth back in the proper position for proper healing.
  • Tooth knocked out - if a tooth has been knocked out, please call the office immediately. When a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, the long-term prognosis for keeping the tooth is very poor; so it is important that we treat you as soon as possible. If you have the tooth, do not wash, scrape or clean off the tooth. If at all possible, put the tooth in a cup of saliva or milk. Doing so will help prolong the life of the tooth outside of the mouth.
  • Painful denture or denture sore spot - as much as we try to make dentures and removable partials 100% comfortable, denture sores can occur. If you have a denture sore, please call the office to come in to be seen. In addition, please make sure you wear the denture for a bit on the day before and of your appointment. If your denture has been out of your mouth for several days when you come for treatment, the sore spot may have healed already, and we won't be able to see it to adjust the denture.

If you have a dental emergency, don't wait!

Unfortunately, unlike a bruise or a mild ankle sprain, dental problems generally do not resolve on their own. In fact, many dental conditions will get worse the longer they are left untreated. Call today so you can be comfortable eating and chewing again.

Dental Emergency Transformation

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