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Full Mouth Reconstruction

full mouth reconstruction

What is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Some people visit the dentist because they need to have a single tooth replaced or multiple teeth replaced. And when other people come to the dentist they might want to have their teeth whitened, straightened or repositioned. 

However, if you are someone who needs to have many teeth replaced, fixed or improved cosmetically, and your bite isn’t like it once was, you might be a candidate for a Full Mouth Rehabilitation.

Full-Mouth Reconstruction

When we talk about situations where a patient has compromised oral health due to extensive tooth decay or other dental problems that require comprehensive treatment, we will also often use the term full-mouth reconstruction - which for our purposes means the same thing as full-mouth rehabilitation.  Regardless of what terms we use, it is the process by which we use multiple dental procedures (including the possibility of dental implants or some type of implant-retained denture) to replace multiple missing teeth and restore our patient's smile, confidence, and oral health.

Why would I need a full mouth rehabilitation?

A full mouth rehabilitation is designed for patients who need to have many teeth fixed or replaced in the upper and lower jaws, and may also have problems with the esthetic look and level of their bite.

For example, someone who has a history of grinding who has worn down all of their teeth may have teeth that are now too small, and are no longer able to chew food and smile like they used to.  In this case the patent’s original bite and smile can often be restored with a combination of ceramic crowns and composite restorations (white fillings).

How long does a full-mouth rehabilitation take?

The time it takes to complete a full-mouth rehabilitation depends upon the type of treatment that is indicated in the treatment plan.  If there is extensive decay, extractions might be needed, and sockets need time to heal. If we go with dental implants as part of the solution, there is time for implant surgery and healing, as well. 

Another factor to consider is whether or not we need to treat the upper jaw, bottom jaw, or both jaws. If there is a problem with the bite then it's likely that both jaws will need treatment, which of course will take longer. 

Or there may be cosmetic issues that have to be addressed with dental crowns or veneers (or a combination), and depending upon how many need need to be treated, the process may take more or less time.

There is also the consideration of dental laboratory time as the restorations we build for your teeth may need to be sent out for fabrication. 

Am I a candidate for full-mouth reconstruction?

Not everyone is a candidate for a full-mouth rehab, and sometimes patients who think they need a full mouth rehabilitation don't actually need one.  May patients will report that they have "dental issues" or are in need of "dental treatment" - which is why the first thing we need to do is a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth and gums, as well as a set of dental x-rays to identify the problem or problems. 

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