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Root Canals


Safeguard Individual Teeth And Your Entire Smile

Root canal treatment offers incredible benefits, providing a solution to often-painful dental infections. With root canal therapy, your dentist and team can help you maintain a healthy, whole smile.

What Is A Root Canal?

Root canal therapy is a restorative treatment that addresses and preserves the health of an infected tooth. Your root canals make up the lower portions of your teeth and are filled with life-supporting pulp. When bacteria invade your tooth, often through a cavity or crack, your pulp may become infected.

During a root canal treatment, we will thoroughly numb your tooth and the surrounding area. Dr. Chakka will remove the infected pulp and decayed tissue. He will smooth the interior surface of your tooth and fill the opening with composite. To fully restore your tooth, we will permanently place a beautiful customized dental crown. Dr. Chakka may suggest antibiotics to further treat existing infection.

Why Is A Root Canal Significant?

An infected tooth cannot heal on its own. In fact, the problem will only progress. Root canal therapy gives you an option when a simple filling will not suffice, but your tooth remains in good enough health for us to save. The benefits of root canal therapy include:

  • Choosing root canal therapy prevents your tooth from abscessing
  • Root canal therapy prevents infection from spreading throughout your mouth
  • Root canal therapy may prevent the need for an extraction
  • We offer beautiful dental crowns, so you can quickly return to a beautiful smile and daily function
  • This treatment directly addresses the cause of your discomfort and removes the source, so you may return to optimal health

Am I A Good Candidate For Root Canal Therapy?

If Dr. Chakka diagnoses you with an infected tooth, you make a great candidate for a root canal treatment. We encourage you to call us with any questions you may have, so we may offer answers and reassure you that the mission of our entire team is to guide you toward oral health through comfortable treatment.

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