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Full Mouth Rehabilitation Specialist

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When your dentist talks about your bite, they're talking about the way your teeth fit together when you close your mouth. If your bite is misaligned, it can damage and wear down your teeth. In many cases, you aren’t even aware it’s happening. Full mouth rehabilitation is a comprehensive dental procedure offered by Sekhar Chakka, DDS, at Stadium Dental & Orthodontics in Rancho Cucamonga, California. Full mouth rehabilitation repairs this damage and permanently corrects your bite. To find out more, schedule a consultation today. Call the practice or request an appointment online.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Q & A

What is full mouth rehabilitation?

Dental treatments help with dental problems as they happen. But sometimes, tooth breakage, erosion, and general wear are so extensive that the best treatment is a full mouth rehabilitation.

Dr. Chakka takes a holistic approach to full mouth rehabilitation. He creates an individualized treatment program that addresses oral health and the alignment of your teeth. It also treats each tooth to restore tooth function, improve your bite, and lessen the risk of further tooth wear.

Am I a candidate for full mouth rehabilitation?

Among the most common reasons for needing a full mouth rehabilitation is an occlusal disease, a condition caused by a poorly aligned bite.

Most people don’t think much about the position of their teeth when they bite into something. But when your teeth are misaligned, it affects how your teeth come together as you chew. Misaligned teeth cause tooth wear, stress, and damage.

Symptoms of occlusal disease include loose or dislodged teeth, jaw pain, and severe or recurring headaches. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, schedule an examination with Dr. Chakka.

Why have full mouth rehabilitation?

Tooth damage is not only bad for your oral health, but it also doesn’t look good. The benefits of having a full mouth rehabilitation include:

  • A more attractive smile
  • Prevents further damage
  • Helps treat and prevent gum disease
  • Relieves headaches
  • Treats dental pain caused by tooth damage
  • Improves tooth function
  • Strengthens dental structure

Full mouth rehabilitation with Dr. Chakka leads to a healthy mouth and a more confident you.

What happens during a full mouth rehabilitation?

At your initial consultation, Dr. Chakka examines your mouth to determine the extent of the damage and its causes. He does a bite analysis, looking for signs of occlusal disease. From there, he decides on the most appropriate care plan.

The treatments and procedures involved in a full mouth rehabilitation can include:

  • Bone graft treatment
  • Crown lengthening
  • Root canal therapy
  • Dental bonding
  • Scaling and root planing
  • Cavity treatment
  • Dental implants or bridges
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Cavity treatment
  • Orthodontic braces

It can take several months to a year, sometimes longer, to complete full mouth rehabilitation, depending on the procedures needed.

Your oral health is a necessary part of your quality of life. Call Stadium Dental & Orthodontics today to learn more about full mouth rehabilitation. You can also schedule a consultation online.