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Teeth Whitening


Show Off A Sparkling, White Smile

When you feel disappointed by your discolored teeth, consider a cosmetic solution. Visit us at Stadium Dental and Orthodontics for a selection of teeth whitening treatments to brighten your smile.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Our professional teeth whitening options brighten your teeth with the use of specially formulated whitening gels. The gel penetrates your teeth, bleaching both deep and surface-level stains for dramatic results. We offer the following options for a whiter smile:

  • In-Office Whitening: You will visit our office for your treatment. We will protect your gums and apply a whitening gel to your teeth, which will work within approximately one hour. In the case of severe discoloration or stains, we may suggest laser teeth whitening. We will choose a gel activated by a laser for extreme whitening.
  • At-Home Whitening Trays: We will furnish you with whitening gel and custom-fitted trays that you will wear nightly for approximately two weeks in the comfort of your own home.

Why Is Teeth Whitening Significant?

This cosmetic treatment offers patients a way to combat yellowing, discoloration, and deep stains that they cannot otherwise address with brushing and flossing, or over-the-counter whitening products. The benefits of teeth whitening include:

  • Achieve a dramatic smile transformation
  • Enjoy a boost of confidence
  • Rest easy knowing we will personalize your treatment, choosing a formula with the appropriate strength
  • Our professional whitening systems provide excellent results with minimal to no sensitivity

Am I A Good Candidate?

Do you wish your smile appeared whiter and brighter? Whitening only works on natural teeth, so if you have dental prosthetics like bridges or crowns, Dr. Chakka will discuss other options. However, for individuals wishing to brighten natural teeth, you make a good candidate if your discoloration is due to:

  • Natural discoloration as a result of the aging process
  • Staining agents, such as coffee, tea, wine, or tobacco
  • Side effects of certain medications like antibiotics

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