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Bonding and Contouring


Beautifully Reshape Minor Imperfections

You may feel stuck with a tooth shape, texture, or length you feel does not complement your other facial features. If minor aesthetic concerns like gaps, long teeth, or chips have you feeling underwhelmed with your smile, bonding and contouring may offer a solution.

What Is Bonding And What Are Its Benefits?

Dental bonding is a cosmetic treatment that replaces tooth tissue or fills in areas to create improve the appearance and function of your teeth. Dr. Chakka will use a synthetic resin material called “composite” during bonding, the same material we use for tooth-colored fillings. He will color-match the material to your surrounding tooth or teeth. Bonding may improve your teeth in the following ways:

  • Chakka may paint composite over severe stains to improve color uniformity
  • Bonding may fill spaces between teeth for the illusion that your teeth touch one another, preventing the need for braces
  • We can address a tooth that appears too short
  • Bonding improves small chips and cracks

What Is Contouring And What Are Its Benefits?

Rather than adding material to your tooth, contouring gently removes unnecessary or excessive tooth tissue. Through a comfortable process that does not require prep work or anesthetic, Dr. Chakka will carefully polish away portions of your tooth’s outermost tissue layer, called enamel. This cosmetic treatment offers the following benefits:

  • We can improve the uniformity of your tooth line
  • Chakka may address a slightly rotated tooth for the appearance of improved alignment
  • Contouring smoothes jagged or pointed teeth
  • We can improve the shape and length of your teeth

Am I A Good Candidate?

If you feel unhappy with the appearance of your teeth because of minor issues with missing tooth tissue or unsatisfactory tooth shape and length, you make a good candidate for bonding or contouring.

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