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Don’t Let Your Smile Suffer

Tooth decay is a progressive condition that affects the health and appearance of your teeth. Over time, tooth decay can spread deep inside your tooth and infect the inner layers of tissue that keep your tooth vital. To prevent this from happening, you have to address tooth decay promptly. Dental fillings can prevent infection from spreading deeper inside your tooth. If the infection reaches your root canals before you seek treatment, you need to seek root canal therapy. This treatment option can remove deep infection and prevent the need for extraction. Don’t let your smile suffer from tooth decay, treat the problem promptly.

Root Canal Therapy Preserves the Health of Your Smile

A missing tooth really stands out within your smile. Tooth loss can make you feel self-conscious and uncomfortable in social settings. To avoid tooth loss, you need to save your at-risk tooth with restorative treatment. Root canal therapy preserves the health of your tooth, as well as the health of your smile. Root canal therapy removes the type of serious infection that can jeopardize your tooth, and protects your tooth against future infection. Here’s why these infections are so important to treat.

Your Root Canals Connect Your Teeth to Other Oral Tissues

While common dental cavities start on the surfaces of your teeth and affect your enamel, root canal infections are deep inside your tooth. The root canals carry blood vessels and nerve endings to and from your teeth. This transportation route can also unintentionally move bacteria to different tissues in your body. That’s why infections in these areas are so dangerous. Treating the infection can allow you to save your tooth, while waiting can lead to the need for tooth extraction. Here’s how the treatment itself works.

Your Dentist Must Access Your Root Canals

In order to remove the infection from your root canals, your dentist has to carefully access this area by making a small hole. Through this tiny hole, your dentist can extract the bacteria itself, along with any infected tissue from inside the canal. Your dentist will then seal this area, along with the hole, to prevent bacteria from reentering. Afterward, your dentist will want to place a dental crown on top of the treated tooth, to restore the chewing surface and protect the root structure underneath. This crown can be fabricated to match your natural teeth, so it won’t be obvious you’ve had treatment.


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